“Why are you downcast, my soul, And are you troubled within me? Wait on God; for I still have to praise him, my salvation and my God.”
(Psalm 42: 5)

During a truce in the civil war in the United States when hostile armies were sullen, facing each other with a field in between, a little brown bird suddenly rose from the tall grass and launched itself into the sky. There, like a simple stain in the blue of the sky, he spilled the current of his music, of which only the lark has the secret. And the stern eyes filled with tears and the hard hearts became compassionate and tender.

There was a GOD who cared for them. There was hope for men. Hope is like the lark on the battlefield. It will not sing in a golden cage. You will not go back in a luxurious setting. But brave souls who fearlessly expose themselves in favor of GOD and their brothers on the battlefield of life hear the song of the LORD, walk in His victorious presence, rejoice their hearts in His unconditional love and the product of those wonderful gifts. that only He, in His infinite grace provides us, strengthens and rejoices, in each step of the path that they walk.

People who clung to hope, seemingly with very little to wait, have been known to say: “Then our mouth will be filled with laughter… We will be like those who dream.” And they were like those who dream and joy took account of their faces.

The tide can go out, the wind can change. It is not the first time that from the great action of GOD in our life, something new has emerged, always for our good.

Dear LORD, may my hope not faint before the onslaught of life’s trials, but on the contrary find You in them, battling with me and trying to speak to me and show me the path that will render me the greatest good. May it always be Your will, FATHER, and not mine. In the name of JESUS. Amen and Amen.