“Abraham and Sara were already old and of advanced age, and Sara no longer had what is customary in women. That is why Sara laughed with herself, and said:” After I have grown old, will I have pleasure, if also my Is your lord already old? “But the Lord said to Abraham,” Why is Sarah laughing? She has said: “Is it true that I am going to give birth when I am old?” Is there something difficult for God? At the right time I will return to you, and according to the time of pregnancy Sarah will have a child”.
(Genesis 18: 11-14)
In today’s writing, GOD makes the extraordinary promise to Sarah and Abraham that they would have a son. Because of their advanced age and trusting in her own prudence, Sara laughed, believing it would not happen. Faced with that great display of distrust and weak faith, the LORD with His mercy and sense of care, chose to respond with His unconditional love saying: “Is there anything difficult for God?”
In this way, He reminded Sarah that her word is fulfilled, through His power. It did not depend on Sarah, nor on her momentary doubt or little faith, but on the greatness of the LORD and His ability to determine and change the nature of things. Thus later the word states: “He visited Sarah, as he had said, and the Lord did with Sarah as he had spoken. And Sarah conceived and gave Abraham a son in his old age, in the time that God had told her.” (Genesis 21: 1-2)
When we read a promise from the LORD in his word, let us be sure that it will be fulfilled because He is constant in His will and perfect in His decisions. As the scriptures establish: GOD is not a man, so that he lies, nor a son of man so that he can repent. He said, and won’t he? He spoke, and will he not execute it? (Numbers 23:19)
When doubt makes your faith weak, remember: Nothing is impossible for GOD. Count on His promises and trust His work. A work of love, a work of joy, a work of peace for those who serve him and gratefully accept his will.
Dear FATHER, may your promises strengthen my faith, when doubt seizes me. Help me to remember that in You nothing is impossible and that your work only gives rise to the rejoicing, peace and joy, of all those who follow You and believe in You. In the name of JESUS. Amen and Amen.