“Deliver me from my enemies, O Lord; in you I take refuge. Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good spirit guide me to a land of righteousness.”
(Psalm 143: 9-10)

There are many forms of communication that we have today. Probably very few imagined that in such a short time technology would advance so fast to the point of instantly knowing if someone has read one of our messages or if they are writing one. This has caused us a kind of rush, tension and a need for a quick response that many times we can transfer to our faith.

At times, we may have the perception that the LORD has abandoned us, because we feel that He does not immediately answer our prayers. We can often feel like the psalmist “Answer me quickly, O Lord, because my spirit faints; Do not hide your face from me” and think that the delay is longer than we deserve, because of the situation in which we find ourselves.

However, one of the things that drives the transformation of the LORD in us to gain growing faith is the cultivation of patience. Faced with Saul’s anger, David spent many years fleeing from it, and hoping to be crowned king wrote: “Wait on the Lord; be strong, and let your heart be encouraged; Yes, wait on the Lord.”
(Psalms 27:14)

Likewise, he gave an account of the answer that in his time the LORD gave him: “I patiently waited for the Lord … And he bowed down to me, and heard my cry. And made my steps straight”.
(Psalms 40: 1-2)

David’s precious expectation in the LORD made him a man after his own heart. In this way, the Word of GOD exhorts us not to be frustrated by the apparent delay of His response. We must not overlook the fact that the LORD desires to develop in us the perseverance and with it the faith necessary to follow him and serve him with gratitude and fidelity. Remember: Wait on the LORD.

Beloved FATHER, I ask you for serenity to leave my prayers to the will of Your times and purposes. Cultivate in me the gift of patience to wait for You, knowing that only Your restoring hand will bring peace to my soul and enhance the persistence of my faith every day. In the name of JESUS. Amen and Amen.