“If any of you require wisdom, ask God for it, and he will give it to you, for God gives it to everyone in abundance and without reproach. But he has to ask in faith and without hesitation, because he who doubts is like the waves of the sea, which the wind shakes and carries from one place to another. ”
(James 1: 5-6)

If we believe that GOD is who He says he is, and that he will do what he has promised … why do we hesitate in our prayers? Instead of exercising bold faith, we come to the LORD “with the hope” that he will listen to us and answer our requests, but without the confidence that he will. With this way of thinking we cannot expect to receive anything from Him.

One reason we are so prone to doubt is that we are not able to see GOD working in our circumstances. We asked, and nothing happened. But the LORD is not a hotel boy who jumps to do what we ask. He sees the past, the present and the future, and knows the right time for each response.

His hand is already in action for our benefit, arranging situations to carry out His will, open hearts, and prepare us to receive what He wants to give.

Another reason for uncertainty is ignorance. If we do not know the ways of the LORD, we will be disappointed by his response.

Very often our prayers are accompanied by expectations of how He is going to act. Therefore, when He does not intervene according to our plan or the method we expected, we begin to doubt. But putting our faith in the LORD and trusting in his good and perfect ways gives us stability while we wait for His response.

Beloved LORD, may our doubts dissipate knowing that you can more than any adversity, that you accompany us in every step we take, and that you keep immense and blessing purposes for all those who follow and serve you. In the name of JESUS. Amen and Amen.