“The ancient serpent, which is called devil and Satan, which deceives the entire world …”
(Revelation 12: 9)

“The snake was cunning, more than all the farm animals that the Lord God had made; which he said to the woman: Conque God has told you …?
(Genesis 3: 1)

“The myth of the devil”. This headline could be read in a well-known journal of scientific dissemination. The greatest success of the devil is to make believe that it does not exist. That dreary character that the Bible tells us makes its appearance from the first pages of human history. “Father of lies”; Satan does not always openly attack the truth. With incredible arrogance, he suggests the doubt: GOD really spoke? .. Do you really have to obey him? .. Wouldn’t you like to be like GOD?

The devil tries to destabilize us, making us doubt the Word of GOD and GOD himself. From the day humanity fell into evil, listening to the devil instead of listening to GOD, Satan tries even more to abuse the weakness of man. He is your main enemy: he knows how to feed your greed, how to oppress you, wear you down, deceive you and reduce yourself to slavery.

Since the SON of GOD was born in Bethlehem, the devil displayed his evil to make it disappear. As he failed, he tried to seduce him in the desert. He put all men against Him to the point that they crucified Him. But this enemy is defeated … THE SON OF GOD won the fight. Through his death and resurrection, he triumphed over evil so that you and I could be finally freed from sin.

Beloved FATHER, thank you for the precious gift of salvation. We know that to be next to you, next to the VICTOR, we just have to believe in the value of Your death in our place. In the name of JESUS. Amen and Amen.