“One thing I ask of the Lord, and it is the only thing I pursue: to dwell in the house of the Lord every day of my life, to contemplate the beauty of the Lord and to recreate myself in his temple.”
(Psalm 27: 4)

Life is not supposed to be complicated. JESUS ​​did not die so that we have a complicated, frustrated and miserable life. John 10:10 says He died for us so that we may have life and abundance. The opposite lifestyle is one of simplicity. Simplicity means “Consistency in one thing, without mixing.”

GOD has dealt with me about living a simpler life. He has shown me that the only way to do this is simply to be in a “one thing.” GOD just wants us to be for Him. He tells us in His Word that we will not inherit His kingdom if we do not go to Him very simply as little children and say, “I believe.”

This sounds almost too easy, and you may want to complicate it … but no! GOD’s plan for you is simple. It may not make sense in your mind, but there is nothing complicated about GOD, and He does not want you to be complicated.

Approach Him today, saying: “I believe.” Make Him your “One Thing.”

Beloved GOD, we believe in You. We do not want to live overwhelmed by complications, or attracted to conquer the assets of the world that are temporary. On the contrary, we want to devote ourselves to persecuting the only thing necessary, to fulfill Your will. In the name of JESÚS. Amen and Amen.