“God is our shelter and strength Our soon help in the tribulations. Therefore, we will not fear, although the earth is removed, And the mountains are transferred to the heart of the sea.”
(Psalm 46: 1-2)

I have faced many storms in my life, some like the common downpours of summer afternoons and some that looked like category four hurricanes. If I have learned something about the weather of these storms, it is that they can appear at any time even in the most calming calm.

However, they are transitory, they don’t last forever, and I don’t need to make big decisions in their midst. Thoughts and feelings become bleak in the midst of crises, but in those moments they are exactly the times we must be careful when making decisions.

I often say to myself, “Let the emotions calm down before you make a decision.” And is that choosing a path, just when we begin to go through a tribulation, is the least sensible thing we can do: How can we concentrate completely if we have not even analyzed the depth of the situation at hand? Therefore, it is important to remain calm and discipline ourselves to focus on doing what we can do, and trust that GOD will do what we cannot do.

Instead of drowning in worry and fear, get in touch with GOD who sees beyond the storm and adapts the whole picture. He makes sure that everything that must happen in our lives happens at the right time, moves at the right speed and causes us to arrive safely at the destination He has planned for us.

Beloved LORD, we know that we cannot control everything, so we will do what we can and trust you to do what we cannot do. The storms of life do not control us. We trust Your plans for us. In the name of JESÚS. Amen and Amen.