“Blessed is he whom you, Lord, correct; he whom you instruct in your law, so that he may face the days of affliction in peace while the grave is dug”.
(Psalm 94: 12-13)

When life or people disappoint us, we have a responsibility to remain stable and continue with God’s purpose for our lives. Who can totally avoid being a victim of bad action by someone close? Who is able to prevent all the difficulties that at one time or another will surprise us along the way?

Therefore, consider Psalm 94: 12-13. Keep in mind that it does not say that GOD keeps us calm. He says he gives us power to keep calm. We are partners of GOD. Your part is to give us skill and our part is to be responsible and exercise that skill.

Responsibility means, “respond to the ability we have.” An irresponsible person wants GOD to do everything while that person does nothing except to get carried away by their feelings. But don’t let your feelings handle you. GOD cares about you, but He will not do your part. He will give you the ability to do it … but let me emphasize that He will not do it for you.

I challenge you to stand firm, assume responsibility and start working with GOD to have the blessed life He has planned for you. Beloved LORD, Your Word says that You have given us the ability to remain calm. Today we receive it and we will be responsible and we will respond in the way that you want us to do. In the name of JESÚS. Amen and Amen.