“It is not that I have already achieved everything, or that it is already perfect. However, I keep on hoping to achieve what Christ Jesus reached me for.”
(Philippians 3:12)

There are many people who are so afraid of making a mistake that they do nothing. Instead, they sit down and say, “What if I am wrong? And if I am not attentive to the voice GOD?

GOD knows that we cannot be perfect, so He sent His Son as a perfect sacrifice for us. Now we are exhorted towards the target of perfection.

In Philippians 3, the apostle Paul speaks of moving forward for what awaits us and forgetting about the past. Today GOD is calling us to move on. Stop living in fear of making mistakes, because we all make mistakes, period. GOD is not asking us not to make mistakes. He is calling us to move on, trusting that He will guide us.

He is asking us to invoke him. Let’s not live in fear of our imperfection. Let us live with faith in God’s perfect plan for each of us.

Beloved LORD, even though many times we may not understand what is happening or we are afraid to make mistakes or not find perfection, we know that every situation in life, every mistake, corresponds to a step and learning in the wonderful plan you have for us. Therefore help us to get ahead, despite all the obstacles and trials, always trusting in the strength of Your infinite love. In the name of JESÚS. Amen and Amen.