“But he who looks carefully in the perfect law, that of freedom, and perseveres in it, not being a forgetful listener, but a maker of the work, he will be blessed in what he does.”
(James 1:25)

Freedom is living in the genuine movement of GOD in our lives. GOD made us free and to give freedom. Freedom is not debauchery, it is to move in the river of GOD to penetrate all areas of society carrying the healing waters of its presence.

Freedom is being who we are just as GOD made us without people, events or circumstances controlling, manipulating or annulling us.

Victor Frank told those who kept him free in a Nazi concentration camp. “You can take away my physical freedom, family, things, but you can never take away my freedom to decide who to forgive. I decide to forgive you today.”

The Apostle Peter was imprisoned and the Church prayed and at a critical and decisive moment not only an angel appeared in prison and a light shone in the darkness, but even the chains that kept him free were broken.

If today I do not see or feel freedom. I do not see Freedom in a loved one, I still have the recourse to prayer and I can see with my eyes the liberating Power of GOD breaking the chains and bringing freedom into my life.

Freedom is seeing what my eyes do not see but my spirit detects. Freedom is to understand that GOD exists and is ready to take action in favor of his people.

Beloved LORD, thank you for giving us freedom. Thank you for being our freedom. The chains are torn apart before Your presence. Today we approach You with confidence and sure of knowing that we are not imprisoned in the things of the world, but in the free path in Your Word, pursuing the purpose of good, which you have for us. In the name of JESÚS. Amen and Amen.