“Justice and judgment are the foundation of your throne; Mercy and truth go before your face.”
(Psalm 89:14)

God is fair. It is His nature, it is who He is, and it is something He wants us to pursue. Justice seeks to do the right things wrong. We are agents of GOD that we can work to fix the injustices in the world around us.

Every time we see something that is wrong, our first reaction should be to pray about it.
Our second reaction should be to ask ourselves: What can I do about it?

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the needs we see around us.
Then we look at things and think that the problem belongs to someone else, and we want “them” to fix it. We want “them” to do this and that.

Have you ever stopped to ask: “Who are they?”. I think “they” are us, you and me. We may not be able to fix everything, but we can do something. Let’s not look at injustice and do nothing. GOD did not create us for inactivity and passivity, and he wants us to ask him to show us what we can do.

He created us for enthusiasm, expectation and passion. He put gifts in us to be used for His Glory and to help other people. So, let’s live a life of justice today.

Beloved LORD, illuminate our paths and lead us along the paths of honesty, sincerity and truth that will lead us to always live a life of Justice for the Glory of Your Name. In the name of JESÚS. Amen and Amen.