“All this is done by one and only Spirit, who distributes to each one as he determines.”
(1 Corinthians 12:11)

A question that is common in following the path of GOD is how to discover and develop the gifts that GOD has given them. Here are some useful steps:

Focus on the strengths that GOD gave you: Focusing on your strengths will help you fulfill the call that GOD has placed in your life.

Exercise your gift: Find something you like to do and do well, and do it again and again. Do you want to know what will happen? You will feel better about yourself because you will not fail constantly.

Have the courage to be different: Unhappiness comes when you try to be like everyone else instead of accepting the only person you are.

Learn to face criticism: Have enough confidence in who you are in CHRIST to be able to listen to others and be willing to change without feeling that you have to agree with their views or get their approval. GOD has planted greatness in us.

Let us today be the beginning of a great adventure when we go out and use the gifts that He has given us.

Dear LORD, thank you for all the gifts and abilities with which you have blessed us. Help us to develop them every day so that we can be an instrument of Your good, perceiving and doing Your will and always glorifying you through all our works. In the name of JESÚS. Amen and Amen.