“Everyone examines their own behavior; and, if they have something to brag about, don’t compare themselves to anyone.”
(Galatians 6: 4)

We must refrain from comparing ourselves to any other person, because GOD does not want us to get frustrated and feel unworthy of the blessings He wants to give us. Comparing our lives with the lives of other people is unfair, for them and for us. It is unfair to them because if we get jealous of what they have, what they know, how they look, etc., we begin to resent them. Then we can no longer appreciate them as the wonderful people that GOD made them to be.

It is unfair to us because it limits GOD’s plan for our lives. The comparison tells GOD: “I want to limit your work in my life to this and nothing else. I just want to be like this other person.” But the LORD has an individual plan for each of us. His plan for us is bigger than we can imagine. Stop looking at His plans for others so you can walk in the plans He has for you and receive the blessings that brings.

Today I will put my attention and work on the great plan that GOD has prepared for my life.

Beloved LORD, help us examine our hearts with honesty and expose any zeal, resentment or frustration in us that developed in comparing ourselves to others. We want to be everything you want us to be and live the life you have for each of us. In the name of JESÚS. Amen and Amen