“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will grant you the desires of your heart”.
(Psalm 37: 4)

GOD wants to be our greatest passion, as expressed in today’s Psalm. However, it may happen that we do not fully understand what this word expresses. We believe that the verse means we can have everything we want. It is not uncommon for someone to talk about a prayer request, and then add: “GOD promised to grant me the requests of my heart.”

But in context, this passage reveals the principle of the LORD to purify our desires, and calls for dedication to Him. Delighting in the LORD means enjoying discovering more about Him and obeying His will. This leads to the HOLY SPIRIT adjusting the desires of our heart to His, which always puts us in a position to experience his blessings.

When we consecrate our ways to GOD, we allow our thoughts, purposes and lifestyle to be shaped by his will and what He loves. That is, we recognize your right to decide if our longing fits your plan. If we rest in the LORD and wait patiently on Him, we trust that he will take care of the circumstances, even if the desire He has given us seems unrealizable. When GOD is our first love, our heart is focused on making known the glory of the LORD in our lives.

He wants to grant us the desires of our heart in his time, if we are aligned with his will. When we learn to delight in the LORD, our desires are replaced by his will and perfect purposes.

Beloved LORD, let us seek you with discipline, serve you with gratitude and obey Your will with fidelity, always trusting in the wonderfulness of Your ways and in the perfection of the purposes you have for all those who follow you. In the name of JESÚS. Amen and Amen.