"All of us go astray as sheep, each one turned his way; but Jehovah bore in Him the sin of us all." 
 (Isaiah 53: 6) 
 There was a King very recognized for his justice, when someone violated the law in that place he was responsible for verifying for himself the innocence of the person. So he who was found guilty received a harsh punishment, thirty lashes that left him fainted or a death pass. 
 On one occasion they found their own mother transgressing the law and brought her before him. After the King realized the harsh reality, he ordered to take his mother to the place where the punishments took place, taking off the clothes of the royalty, hugged his mother by the back and said: Raise her! The guards had to whip the king's swords and everyone was surprised by his justice and love. 
 Like history, we deserved to be punished for our sins, but JESUS ​​came forward, left the clothes of royalty, came down from his throne and put himself in our place. The punishment of sin should be received by us, but JESUS ​​took that punishment for justice and love. 
 "What is man, so that you remember him, or the son of man, to visit him?" 
 (Hebrews 2: 6) 
 We really did not deserve anything from GOD, so many people find it hard to believe in Him, since it is difficult to assimilate that JESUS ​​volunteered and paid a price for us. Now that you know what JESUS ​​did for you and for me we should ask forgiveness for sins, and thank him because although we are made of dust, he remembers you and me and visits us.
 Dear LORD, thank you for getting us where we were. We want to sing this beautiful praise: Now I want to love you, live to please you, as you gave yourself, without reservations you loved me, so, so I want to love you, so I want to love you. Thank you for becoming a son of man so that we may be children of GOD. In the name of de JESÚS. Amen and Amen.