“Jesus replied:” He who loves me will obey my word; and my Father will love him, and we will come to him, and with him we will live”.
(John 14:23)

Life is full of occupations and distractions. It is so easy to get caught up in our concerns and worries that we lose sight of what matters most. There is a small and interesting story at the end of Luke’s chapter two about when Mary and Joseph took JESUS ​​to Jerusalem for Easter when He was twelve years old. After the festival ended, they went home, assuming that He was with them.

I wonder … how many times do we assume that GOD is with us when we have turned aside to do our own things? Now here is the interesting part.

Mary and Joseph had traveled a day on the road before they realized that JESUS ​​was not with them and then it took them three days to find him. Three days! The message here is that it is easier to lose the special presence of GOD than it is to obtain it once we have lost it.

We need to be careful to remain in the presence of GOD. When we do, we make GOD feel at home in our hearts. This simply begins with being obedient to His Word. The commitment to change the behavior that offends GOD is the sign of spiritual maturity number one. Show that you care what He thinks. That means that you choose to be generous with others, learn to forgive, let go of your offenses and live in peace.

When we choose to intentionally be our words, thanking GOD and raising others, we will feel connected to GOD throughout the day.

Beloved FATHER, thank you for making our hearts Your home. Today we need Your presence, LORD, help us to honor you with thoughts and words and be a blessing to those around us. In the name of JESÚS. Amen and Amen.