“Then the king ordered him to appear before him, and said:” Evil servant, I forgave you all that great debt, because you begged me. Shouldn’t you have mercy on your servant, as I had on you? ”And very angry, the king handed him over to the executioners until he paid all he owed. So also will my heavenly Father do with you, if you do not forgive your brothers wholeheartedly. ”
(Matthew 18: 32-35)

In Matthew 18: 23-35, we see the case of a debtor who was forgiven the debt by his lord after begging him intensely, but did not do the same way they did with him, by not forgiving the debt that another owed him, which was even less, but took his debtor’s neck and demanded that he be paid immediately. We all have a debt of love that we can pay with simple acts by applying the principle of: “And as you want men to do with you, so do you with them.” (Luke 6:31)

And treat others with the same love and mercy with which GOD forgives us. The principle of reciprocity should be in our mind and heart, since a prisoner who has been released the last thing he would like is for another person to be condemned, and that is all of us who have been released by the precious blood of CHRIST.

This debt of love is paid by giving others what GOD has given us, and it is evident when we forgive daily the offenses and contradictions that others make with us, because if CHRIST forgiven us for free when we were still sinners and enemies of GOD, we We must do it with those who hurt us, slander us or persecute us.

Therefore, we should not hold resentment in our hearts, or lack of forgiveness, if we have a debt of love, the least we should do is not enlarge it more and pay on time the interest it generates, as the writing teaches us, to love us each other.

Beloved LORD, may our hearts not hold grudges or unforgiveness, because You cleansed us and paid all our debt in CHRIST, we also want to forgive and love our neighbor. In the name of JESUS. Amen and Amen.