“And there was a vessel full of vinegar; then they soaked in vinegar a sponge, and putting it on a swab, they approached it to the mouth. When Jesus had taken the vinegar, he said: It is finished. And having bowed his head, he delivered the spirit”. (John 19: 29-30)

“It is finished”, this word in the original language is only one, and was pronounced by the LORD JESUS ​​”tetelestai”. It was his cry of victory and termination with the sin of humanity, with the slavery of pain and disease.

In that single Word JESUS ​​declared a powerful fact and truth, his triumph over the evil one.

But he, defeated and defeated, has not stopped opposing that men and women understand the meaning of this last cry of victory of JESUS, so there are many who continue to seek the peace and rest of their soul but have not realized that salvation is a work already done.

They keep trying to do things seeking forgiveness and favor from GOD. They do not know that salvation cannot be earned, only accepted, because CHRIST already did everything on the cross.

His work of salvation was completed and it is our duty to proclaim that JESUS ​​is the SAVIOR.

Dear LORD, thank you for giving us your salvation, for opening our spiritual eyes and ears and understanding the greatness of your work on the cross. You did everything for us. You loved us without measure and you gave us eternal life. Take us to share this truth to others. In the name of JESUS. Amen and Amen.