“How, then, will man justify himself with God?”
(Job 25: 4)

“Christ suffered only once for sins, the just for the unrighteous, to bring us to God.”
(1 Peter 3:18)

Some people think they are righteous before GOD, but the Bible states: “There is no fair, not even one.” Faced with such a statement … how not to be afraid to appear before divine justice, which will happen one day.

No human being can approach DIVINE HOLINESS, because it is marked by sin. We are all unfair in the eyes of GOD. It is a fatal mistake to believe that we can be considered fair by GOD because of what we do, and to think that we have no need for a SAVIOR.

To be called righteous, according to GOD, I must recognize that I am a sinner who only deserves condemnation, and accept that JESUS ​​CHRIST, the SON of GOD, came in person to this earth to atone for my sins. In suffering the divine judgment on the cross, JESUS ​​bore all our sins.

All who believe in Him are made righteous. Our salvation comes from GOD, his grace and his love. Perhaps someone says that this does not concern him. Then, do not neglect the solemnity of the Word of GOD, which states: “The heavens and the earth that exist now, are reserved by the same word, kept for fire on the day of judgment and the undoing of ungodly men. ” (2 Peter 3: 7)

If someone was not made righteous by faith in CHRIST, they will have to suffer the judgment of GOD. Today is still a day of grace in which every sinner (who we are by nature) can be made just by the grace of GOD, to be heir to eternal life.

Beloved FATHER, thank you for your son, there is no greater love. May we value more and more your precious blood spilled on that cross and know how to take advantage of the gift of salvation. I love you. In the name of JESUS. Amen and Amen.