“He will lead the humble by judgment, and teach the meek their career.”
(Psalm 25: 9)

One of the doubts that arise in a recurring way in the life of a believer, is how to make the most propitious decision in difficult situations, so that at the same time that we solve the problem, we also glorify GOD. For example, some pray in a hurry; they ask the LORD to direct them, but they do not listen to his answer. Instead, they make their own decision and trust that He will bless her.

However, waiting for GOD to bless what is not of Him will cause us to miss the best that he has for us. That is why we must be aware of several pitfalls that prevent us from hearing your address accurately.

  1. Be aware of carnal desires. All desires are not bad, but sometimes they become dangerous when they consume our thoughts.
  2. Be careful with misguided advice. Even the most well-meaning friends can divert us. We should seek the advice of those who walk with the LORD and are anchored in His Word.
  3. Be careful when we are feeling impatience, insecurity or pressure in some way. These emotions can lead us to make reckless decisions. Patience is difficult, but the perfect will of GOD is always worth the wait.
  4. Make the decision to follow the direction of GOD. To do this, let’s clean the heart, ask for guidance, wait and listen. When we accept CHRIST as our SAVIOR, the HOLY SPIRIT entered our hearts and sealed us as children of GOD. He teaches us how to live and receive his address, if we ask and believe it.

Beloved LORD, pave our way, giving us the strength necessary to face each trial and wisdom enough to make the decision that glorifies you and is consistent with Your will. We know that you do not leave us FATHER, and that when you ask for your guidance, we will always obtain it. In the name of JESUS. Amen and Amen.