“Let us sing him a psalm worthy of him, because God is the King of all the earth! God reigns over the nations now! God already occupies his holy throne!”
(Psalm 47: 7-8)

When Christians explain how and when evil entered the world, most of the time they point to the temptation of the snake. But we have to go back a little further, when GOD planted the tree of science of good and evil. By giving Adam and Eve a choice between obedience and rebellion, the LORD allowed evil to enter his perfect creation.

You may ask yourself this question that worries many people, believers or not: Why does an ALMIGHTY GOD allow evil? Some unsatisfactory answers have been given, for example, that the LORD does not care, or that He is unable to prevent evil.

These answers contradict what GOD says about himself in the Bible (Romans 5.8; Psalm 47.8), because our HEAVENLY FATHER exercises absolute authority over this world. GOD had a purpose in letting evil enter the world. The tree was a test laboratory. Adam and Eve had to choose between rebellion and love, evil and justice, disobedience and obedience.

Since the Lord wanted the love of the human beings he created, he had to give them a choice. Authentic love is freely given. The alternatives were: Forgetting the entire process of creation, or teaching humanity to be given Glory and Praise.

The Lord gives two guarantees regarding evil. First, its purpose is not that we sin. He wants us to live rightly, so that evil cannot find a place in our hearts. Second, when we are touched by evil, He will make the experience for our good.

Beloved LORD, thank you for Your infinite love. Guide us to live in righteousness. Take us by the hand when evil and sin try to catch us. In the name of JESUS. Amen and Amen.