“Love never ceases to be; but the prophecies will end, and tongues will cease, and science will end; And now faith, hope and love, these three remain; but the greatest of them is love.”
(1 Corinthians 13: 8,13)

No feeling is more important than love. Paul’s incomparable dissertation on this subject in 1 Corinthians 13, is inserted in the middle of two chapters on spiritual gifts. The Corinthians concentrated too much on exhibiting such gifts, so the apostle showed them the “even more excellent way” of love (1 Cor 12.31).

Interestingly, he made no attempt to define love, but described its importance and expression. The type of love that Paul talks about is not of human origin, but a love that comes from GOD, a part of his own nature. It is selfless and sacrificed love that acts for the good of another person.

Since the LORD wants to transform our character into the image of his SON, this priority makes perfect sense, because every time we show that interest in others, it is when we are more like CHRIST. The first three verses of this chapter give us a warning.

Without the motivation of love, all our good deeds, including service to the LORD, will not help us. In the eyes of GOD, a loving spirit is more important than all our impressive words, knowledge, faith, generosity and self-sacrifice. When we stand before CHRIST to be judged for our good works, those actions done for selfish reasons will not be worthy of reward. We all find it difficult at some point to discern why we serve GOD or do good deeds.

Pray to know the hidden intentions of the heart, and replace any selfish motivation with “the even more excellent way” of GOD’s love.

Beloved LORD, give us a simple heart, humble and able to welcome the small, in a special way. May Your Word fill us in such a way that we can always walk the path of Your Love. In the name of JESUS. Amen and Amen.