“Follow the path that the Lord your God has drawn you, so that you may live, prosper and enjoy long life on the earth you will possess.”
(Deuteronomy 5:33)

The simple requests of GOD are often springboards to receive his blessings. Although we can see them as trivial, the LORD sees them as something very important. The apostle Peter is a wonderful example of a man who took small steps towards a great destiny.

When JESUS ​​asked Peter to take him offshore in his boat, the fisherman could have said no. After all, he had worked all night and was probably exhausted (Luke 5). But by taking this small step, Pedro received a front row seat to listen to the world’s greatest teacher and begin an adventure that transformed his life.

Although the first request of JESUS ​​was the most common, the following would be a challenge for what Peter considered logical. Going to deep water at noon to catch fish was absurd for this seasoned fisherman.

Sometimes, GOD asks us to do what seems unreasonable. But let us remember that the LORD is not obliged to act within the scope of normal or logical. If Pedro had refused to accept this unusual request, he would not have seen something so great in his life, and I do not mean fish.

This miracle opened Peter’s eyes so that he could see his MESSIAH. When he left that boat, the fish meant nothing to Peter, because JESUS ​​had become his whole. The LORD is not waiting for us to do something big and impressive for Him; He simply calls us to obey him one step at a time.

Beloved LORD, thank you for Your Word. Help us to walk one step at a time, serving you, obeying you and always believing in Your wonderful will for our lives. In the name of JESUS. Amen and Amen.