“This book of the law will never depart from your mouth, but by day and night you will meditate on it, that you may keep and do according to all that is written in it; for then you will prosper your way, and everything will come out good”.
(Joshua 1: 8)

When GOD told Joshua that the Israelites would take possession of the Promised Land, he included a very important order: meditate on his law at all hours, and obey everything she said. This would guarantee success.

Meditation in the Word remains crucial for Christians today. In our culture we are flooded with worldly values ​​and priorities that leave God out, and unless we keep our hearts, we will begin to accept them. Therefore, we must discipline ourselves to meditate on the Word of GOD every day.

This involves reading the Bible with an attitude of prayer, keeping silence before the Lord so that we can listen to it, and putting biblical truths into practice in our lives. Of course, these things do not happen by accident. Distractions take away our ability to focus, so it is necessary to set aside time to meditate on the Word of GOD.

Let’s think about the benefits:
• Calms our spirit, and gives entry to GOD to purify our hearts.

• Develops hunger for his Word, so that we can have a deeper understanding of JESUS, and a greater sense of his power.

• Sharpens our awareness of the presence of GOD. Meditating on the Word of GOD may require getting up earlier, or giving up leisure time during the day. But having a life full of peace and joy will depend on our decision to focus on CHRIST the mind and the heart. Are we willing to reserve a time for GOD every day?

Beloved LORD, strengthen our discipline to meditate every day on the truths of Your Holy Scriptures, so that we practice them and experience the peace and joy of Your presence. In the name of JESUS. Amen and Amen.