“Faithful is God, who has called you to have fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ, our Lord.”
(1 Corinthians 1: 9)

Many people have an unbiblical concept of holiness. His idea about a saint is someone who had such an exemplary life, who is revered by the church, but the Word of GOD gives a very different description. The Corinthian church struggled with all kinds of ungodly behavior, but Paul calls them “Those sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be saints.”

Sanctifying means turning away from common use to give sacred use. In the Bible, the LORD has sanctified days (like the Sabbath), places (the tabernacle), things (the ark of the covenant), and people. A saint is simply a person whom GOD has set aside for his purposes. That means that every believer is a saint.

Before we were saved, our relative position toward GOD was one of enmity. But the moment we put faith in CHRIST as a personal SAVIOR, the LORD changed our position and set us apart for Him.

We were born again and now we are his children. GOD forgave our sins and declared us righteous. A saint is not a perfect person, but someone who has a right relationship with GOD. Although our position of sanctification is not founded on good behavior, the LORD expects us to live in a way that honors Him.

GOD set us apart for a sacred purpose. That means we are here, not to live as we see fit, but to bring glory to the LORD. He calls us to live according to our new position in CHRIST. Rejecting this responsibility of holiness is an obvious act of ingratitude, which saddens the heart of the LORD.

Dear LORD, help us every day so that we can always live in a way that pleases you, following Your steps and fulfilling Your will. In the name of JESUS. Amen and Amen.