“Only in God does my soul find rest; my salvation comes from him. Only he is my rock and my salvation; he is my protector. I will never fall!”.
(Psalm 62: 1-2)

Has this ever happened to you: That you break an elastic band while you’re trying to stretch it around something. You can’t find another one, so you try to fix it by joining the ends.

Sometimes in our daily lives, we stretch beyond our ability, and burst like the elastic band. We believe that we have fixed the problem by simply tying the ends again. But we soon fell into the same behavior that made us burst in the first place.

Over time, with repeated exposure to stress, our lives begin to resemble a worn elastic band. It can exhaust us completely. Ignoring the laws of GOD and His ordained limits for our lives ultimately causes exhaustion. You simply cannot continue to work your mind, emotions and body too much without paying the price. But that’s not how GOD wants you to live.

Adjust your perspective to match that of GOD. Seek His peace and His rhythm for your life. Respect your body Frequent good health as an invaluable gift. Do not waste stress on the energy that GOD has given you.

Save it to live and enjoy life.

Beloved LORD, thank you for Your Word. We want to find rest in You. Instead of constantly going and bursting in stress, show us how to keep up with your pace for our lives. In the name of JESUS. Amen and Amen.