“It is, then, faith the certainty of what is expected, the conviction of what is not seen.”
(Hebrews 11: 1)

Some people say: “I would like to have great faith.” Although most of us would like GOD to drop that kind of faith in our lap, that is not the way He acts. Faith increases as a result of our obedience in small things.

We all marvel at Abraham’s willingness to offer Isaac at the command of the LORD. But … have you ever stopped to think about all the small submission steps that paved the way for this big test? Throughout his life, Abraham obeyed GOD. By order of the LORD he left his homeland, was circumcised, begat Isaac in his old age, and sent away his son Ishmael. By the time he was asked to offer Isaac as a sacrifice, he already knew that GOD would always be faithful to his promises. His previous experiences had taught him to trust Him.

In the same way, every little step of obedience that we take solidifies our trust in GOD. Then, when He challenges us with a more difficult task, a firm foundation of security will enable us to trust the Lord and obey Him. The great acts of faith flow from our past relationship with the LORD.

In disregarding their simple orders we lose invaluable opportunities to witness their faithfulness.  We must not ignore the “little” and “insignificant” indications of the HOLY SPIRIT. The LORD considers each of his commandments important, and promises to reward every act of obedience, no matter its size. Big faith begins with small steps.

Dear LORD, may we not stop in the middle of the road, if an adversity finds us. May that test be the time to trust even more in Your love and Your promises, so that we can cultivate great faith. In the name of JESUS. Amen and Amen.