“We have not been consumed by the mercy of the Lord; his mercy has never been exhausted! Great is his faithfulness, and every morning he is renewed! That is why I say with all my soul:« The Lord is my inheritance, and in him I trust! “.
(Lamentations 3: 22-24)

Each time the sun rises for some it is the beginning of torture and for others the door to a new experience. Where am I on this day? To see torture I just have to look around and I will find enough reasons to cry and be distressed.

For a door of opportunities I just have to look beyond my surroundings and then I will see the direction of GOD and that everything He does including this day is good and pleasant in front of his eyes.

For the routine, we can forget the value of each new day, of each new dawn. We can take for granted the wonderful miracle of life, the air we breathe, the manifestation of GOD at every step we decide to take.

Today that we have woken up, let’s remember and recognize that another new opportunity to live stands before us. In the event of something like this, we will have many answers: I am well, I am wrong, I am sad, I am suffering, I am depressed. However, whatever the statement, let us remember the most important: WE ARE LIVE. Alive to walk with the LORD, alive to let Him guide us through the ways of his will, alive to open his heart and to be sheltered every day by his great mercy.

Beloved FATHER, Thank you for the blessing of enjoying a new day, together with those we love. In the name of JESUS. Amen and Amen.